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  • Style Tip #1: To get an extra day out of your style, use a dry spray shampoo or baby powder to soak up extra oils. Read More
  • Style Tip #2: If you are having a hard time getting your curls to last with an iron, use a working spray on each section before you... Read More
  • Style Tip #3: To straighten the shorter hairs along your hair line, try combing them down with some gel when they are wet and... Read More
  • Style Tip #4: When straightening your hair, you should put a thermal spray or serum on it before you iron to keep from damaging... Read More

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We pride ourselves in listening to and educating our clients so they can look as good at home as they do when they leave our salon. Haircare Specialists has been in Concord, New Hampshire for more than 20 years. We specialize in all hair care services and waxing services. The current owner, Erin Corey, is a color educator, and being so helps the salon keep up with new trends and techniques.

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