• Shampoo & Style - $25 & up
  • Women’s Cuts - $37
  • Men’s Cuts - $24
  • Kids Under 2 - $10
  • Kids 3 to 11 - $18
  • Bangs - $7
  • Perms: Partail - $50 & up
  • Perms: Full Head - $75 & up
  • Perms: Specialty Wrap - $85 &up
  • Colors: Retouch - $65
  • Ombre/ Balyage - $120 & up
  • Colors: Full Head - $70
  • Color Specialty - $90 & up
  • Colors: Corrective - $110 & up
  • Foils: Partail - $70
  • Foils: Full Head - $110
  • Foils: Add to Color - $40
  • Cap Highlight - $75
  • Relaxer - $80
  • Keratin Express - $70
  • Brow Tint - $12
  • Conditioning Treatment - $25
  • Shine Treatment - $25
  • Added to a Service - $15
  • Updo - $55 & up

About Our Color Line

Our color line is Tocco Magico, which means “Touch of Magic” in Italian. It is an Italian color line that has an organic base. It contains seven herbal extracts and has an incredible shine. It will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. The owner is an in-salon educator for this color line, so she knows the color inside and out, and specializes in color services.

About Our Keratin Express

The Keratin Express is a conditioning straightener that will make your hair more manageable and rid your hair of frizz. It is an in-salon treatment that takes about an hour and lasts up to two months. You can even wash you hair twenty-four hours after the service.

About Our Retail Products

We carry a wide variety of retail products ranging in price. Our lines are:

  • ISO
  • Aquage
  • Loma (Organic)
  • Neuma (Organic)

These range in price from $8-25. We will also switch out any product with another of equal value if you are not happy with the one you buy.


We also offer on-site weddings upon request. We will come to your destination. The price is a flat per person rate.

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